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The Clothes Stealing Dancer
File Length: 00h 26m 16s
File Size: 343,220Kb
FULL MATCH - Maggie, trained in mixed martial arts, is also a dancer who feels she can get away with stealing the clothes, and specifically, the panties, of other dancers at her club. When Tabby confronts her over the issue, Maggie gets in her face, and these 2 sexy vixens mix it up. Little did Tabby know that when she decided to engage, it would be a mistake of epic proportions. Maggie immediately puts her skills to good use, locking up poor Tabby in a triangle early on. Tabby manages to get Maggie in a few holds, but never gets close to a submission. The bigger, stronger, and more skilled Maggie quickly turns this in to a sexy one-sided crush-a-thon that poor Tabby will never forget. Her suffering is real, and she gets choked and scissored out unconcious multiple times by the brutal Maggie. Maggie is so mean, several times she takes Tabby to the point of passing out, then slaps her back to conciousness. This should prove to be an exciting video for fans of the 1-sided domination genre. Two sexy girls, but only one is the strong and dominant athlete. SEXY CRUSHING ACTION with brutal ASS WEDGES, chokes, and scissors! This is an enhanced resolution file, 343 MB, and is over 26 minutes long, so expect a long download. This video is only compatible with Windows Media Player on Windows operating systems. Macs can only play if you are running Windows on your mac hardware.
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