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nose exhale smoking girl 1

$4.95 (USD)
File Length: 00h 20m 00s
File Size: 774,000Kb
This is a 20 minute HD quality video of a cute young chain smoking girl. This new special video series focuses on pretty Asian girls inhaling smoke into their lungs then exhaling it out of their noses. This video is recommended for all visible exhale and mini snap inhale fans who want to see pretty inhaling Asian girls chain smoking with nose exhales.

This cute young girl chain smokes 3 cigarettes in 17 minutes. Then she tries some dangle drags together with a friend. Nose exhale fans will be delighted watching their preferred special exhales coming from smoke inhaled by this cute girl's lungs. They will also enjoy some mini snap inhales and chain smoking that includes new cigarettes being pulled from lips directly from the pack then lighted from previous ones without using a lighter. This video is 100% unedited/uncut showing 100% natural chain smoking.

You will wonder about this cute young girl's lung and health condition after inhaling so much smoke in only 17 minutes. All of our videos are 100% natural smoking with natural background sound.

Smoking Style:

number of cigarettes- 4
inhales- average inhales
exhales- visible from mouth/nose
style- average inhales, mini snap inhales, some dangling, lighting new cigarettes from previous ones without using lighters, using lips to pull new cigarettes directly from the pack, 4 lightups and other variety
date added- May 1, 2013
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